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How sea swimming changed our lives…

Mothers Natasha Sones and Emmie Scott tell me about the wild swimming community they’ve put their heart into and how it breathed new life into them. This is a heartening tale of friendship which leads into a powerful testimony of how the cold sea can relieve ailments such as sciatica and help to cope with… Read More

Finding yourself after the menopause, with Qigong pro Manuela Roche

Dancer and fitness instructor, Manuela Roche lost her pizzazz when she hit the menopause. It was the traditional Chinese healing practice of Qigong which brought her back to life and steered her into heading back to university to learn more. This post is part of my #makingwaves series – intrepid and inspirational women with an uplifting story to tell.

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Never giving up, with world champ Paralympian sailor Hannah Stodel

When Hannah Stodel reached out to me, asking to contribute to the #makingwavesproject I was excited. Despite being born without her right lower arm, Hannah has notched up staggering achievements in the world of professional sailing – 4 x Paralympian triple world champion. 17 world cup gold medals. First disabled sailor to sail non-stop around Britain and Ireland…

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Pushing boundaries with Channel swimmer Abhejali Bernardová

This post is part of my #makingwaves series – intrepid and inspirational women with an uplifting story to tell. “What? You’re saying you’ve actually swam the channel?” I exclaimed. “All of it? From Dover to Calais?” “Yes,” she replied. “Twice.”  My mouth dropped open. She beamed modestly as I stood on the beach, gawping somewhat… Read More

Empowering women with Cat Pellow

This post is part of my #makingwaves series – intrepid and inspirational women with an uplifting story to tell. “Why does being a mum mean you can’t feel strong and sexy?” she said, as we walked along Walmer beach, pebbles crunching beneath our feet. “Why does being a mum mean you can’t do something for… Read More

What #runeverydayjanuary meant to me

On the 1st January 2022 I set myself a challenge to run five kilometres every day. No excuses. Whatever the weather. Whatever my mood… The distance was no problem. I was used to it. The routine and regularity was the bit I was going to find hard. In other words, the commitment. The discipline. However,… Read More

“Bonkers adventures” with Archie, the Kent sea glass lady

This post is part of my #makingwaves series – intrepid and inspirational women who have an affiliation with the sea. It started with a birthday card. It was embellished with tiny pieces of sea glass. Enclosed was a photograph of the artist and her golden Labrador paddling in the sea. Her name was Archie. She… Read More

‘Women in the sea’ project

‘I started photographing women in the sea by chance when, during a family photo session, the pregnant mum put on a boho dress and stood in the waves. I thought, wow, this is powerful!’ Me, talking on the Tales To Inspire podcast, January 2022 ‘Women now ask me to put them in the sea. It’s… Read More

It’s official. I’m a MILF. Yep, a ‘Mum In Love with Festivals’.

Experiencing an adventure festival through the eyes of a mum-of-three. I think it’s fair to say that I was in the minority at the Armchair Adventure Festival. A mum of three young children who’d hustled hard to grab a break in the adventure world. What was I thinking? I couldn’t have been further from shimmying… Read More

Reigniting mumventure

Mumventure is a concept I started talking and writing about eighteen months ago, before the pandemic turned our lives upside down. Personally, it’s close to my heart but professionally too, as it has also fuelled my outdoor photography brand. What is a mumventure? By definition, a mumventure is an exciting or unusual experience that a… Read More