Who am I? Outdoor baby and family photographer Kent

Hello, I’m an outdoor family photographer and mum-of-three. I’m based on the Kent coast and provide relaxed, natural and fun outdoor photoshoots for free spirits like me – people who prefer to break free of the indoors and be at one with nature.Charlotte Broster: near Canterbury, Kent

ADVENTURE is a huge love of mine and it’s at the forefront of my photography brand. Taking people on outdoor adventures, where they can bond, unwind and experience something new, is what I love to do, capturing beautiful images in the process.

The sea and the coast, in particular, is my favourite landscape to explore with my clients. I love to see babies feel the sand on their little feet for the first time. I encourage children to collect shells, splash in the waves and wet their clothes. My aim is, by the end of the session, everyone will have wild and windblown hair, and feel as though they’ve had some special time together. I urge people not to think of it as a photoshoot, but a little adventure in the great outdoors. Something they’ll remember forever.

As well as specialising in outdoor baby and family photography, I love to write and pride myself on my blog which focusses on photography, nature and wellbeing. I’m also a bookworm, with a huge stack of adventure books by my bedside which fuel my photography. I enjoy travelling to new places, whether they’re just a short drive up the road in our VW campervan or a long-haul on an aeroplane. I’m an advocate for the #mumventure, that is, an adventure that a mummy has in the great outdoors when she has stolen a few precious hours to herself. Overall, I believe that experiences are the most valuable and vital part of life, rather than things and stuff.

Needless to say, I love more than anything being a mummy to three sweet little people who make me smile every single day.

These aren’t just photos. They’re magic. I can feel the magic every time I look at them! You’re captured our family perfectly. You have an amazing talent! Thank you.Jordan Smith, mum of two, Dover