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Reigniting mumventure

Mumventure is a concept I started talking and writing about eighteen months ago, before the pandemic turned our lives upside down. Personally, it’s close to my heart but professionally too, as it has also fuelled my outdoor photography brand. What is a mumventure? By definition, a mumventure is an exciting or unusual experience that a… Read More

Moving house is like having a baby

– how it feels to relocate 120 miles away, with three children, and start your life again after ten years I’ve concluded that moving house, relocating elsewhere, is a bit like having a baby. There is a long-drawn out process of waiting, a mixture of nerves and excitement, the anticipation of the unknown. From time… Read More

Snow photography, tips for beginners

Confession: I don’t like the cold one little bit! However, snow appears so infrequently here in England, so when it does, getting out with my camera to practise my snow photography is too good an opportunity to miss. Whilst a snowy scene is truly beautiful, it is not the easiest thing to photograph. It does,… Read More

Putting photos and words together

I was a writer long before I was a photographer. To be exact, I knew I was a writer when I was about seven whereas I didn’t call myself a photographer until I was twenty-eight. Writing was inherent within me, but I had to train hard and learn extensively to be a good photographer. I… Read More