‘I started photographing women in the sea by chance when, during a family photo session, the pregnant mum put on a boho dress and stood in the waves. I thought, wow, this is powerful!’

Me, talking on the Tales To Inspire podcast, January 2022

‘Women now ask me to put them in the sea. It’s often quite a big thing for them, not the usual thing they’d be doing on a Wednesday evening as the sun sets. They’re often a little bit daunted by it but when they come out of the sea, they have this euphoria. I love that word. It’s a real self-esteem builder for them. They’re buzzing! These portraits I’ve taken have become a real symbol of female empowerment. Getting out of your comfort zone and doing something different.’

Me talking on the Tales To Inspire podcast, January 2022

Getting out my comfort zone has been instrumental in me finding my feet after the baby years. On the Tales To Inspire podcast, I talk openly about the unsettling years I had after baby number three and talk specifically about post natal depression.

‘I knew I had to get out of this bubble I was in. I needed to get a different perspective. I needed to get out of my comfort zone. I needed to try something which scared me a little. That was the only way I was going to see what I was capable of, and honestly I had no idea…’

Tales To Inspire podcast, January 2022

I channelled this emptiness into constructive pursuits such as wild swimming, big walking, establishing a therepeutic writing group, reading uplifting tales and #mumventure. I began to claw back my confidence, assert a strong identity and ultimately, grow a unique business.

For me, these ‘women in the sea’ portraits – or as I’ve labelled it, the #makingwaves project – are a representation of intrepid and inspirational women chasing unusual and exciting experiences in order to grow. I am incredibly passionate about encouraging women to throw themselves in the deep end and see what happens! It worked wonders for me and therefore I’m a huge advocate for it.

If you would like to be included in the #makingwaves project, do drop me a line via my website or Instagram.

This was honestly one of the most enriching experiences I had in 2021.The sky was spectacular. The waves were warm-ish! I received beautiful photographs I can treasure forever. I would urge you to do something exciting and memorable like this in 2024.

Olivia Edwards, after her sunrise engagement shoot in the sea in Kingsdown, Kent