becoming The Outdoor Studio

Like a vase holding all the stalks together

If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed, I’m now The Outdoor Studio.


I’ve been Charlotte Broster Photography for 11 years now, and it was time for a refresh. Out with the old, in with the new. After all, my photography has changed dramatically in a decade, as have I as a person. I’ve felt a real pull, or attraction, towards photographing people outdoors rather than in the studio. Creatively, outdoors gets the best out of me, using the colours of the countryside as a natural backdrop, and generally, it’s a freer, more relaxing, happier experience for everyone involved.

Overall, the great outdoors has clarified a lot for me in the last six months. I’ve been finding my feet after having my third and final baby, and have found so much validation in pursuits such as walking the Thames path, open-water swimming in Horseshoe Lake and running in the woods. Also, I love to write – you may not know that I was a journalist before I was a photographer – and nature is a theme which inspires me to do so. I plan to fill my blog and social media with endless discussion and ideas on this vast subject. I hope you find it interesting, thought-provoking and maybe even helpful.

Business-wise – and I have taken advice from coaches – going niche will give me more focus, a clearer creative vision and is going to make marketing a whole lot easier. I think of the new name – the brand – as a vase, gathering all the stalks (my ideas), holding them together and creating a beautiful bouquet (the final product, a business!)   

I haven’t found it an easy decision to leave behind my studio work and I will gladly do newborn baby sessions for repeat customers coming back with their second or third born. It still means a lot to me.  

Ultimately, I really believe in the brand I’ve created and who knows where it will take me?

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